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Weight Right Here

Your Mobile Weighing Solution

Are you curious about the weight of your caravan, trailer, or vehicle? With the introduction of fines in Australia for over-limit weights, ensuring your vehicle's weight is within the guidelines has never been more crucial. Operating in Townsville and surrounding areas, we specialise in weighing caravans, trailers, and vehicles to ensure they adhere to Australia's stringent guidelines.


Our Services

At Weight Right Here, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive weighing service tailored to a variety of vehicles. Whether you're a retiree setting off on a caravan adventure, a trades person ensuring your ute or trailer is within legal limits, or a boat owner preparing for a day out on the water, we've got you covered. 

Here's an example of what we can weigh for you...


Ensure your mobile home is within the safe and legal weight limits before hitting the road.

Tow Vehicles

Before you hitch that trailer or caravan, let's make sure your tow vehicle is compliant with weight guidelines.


Whether it's a small fishing boat or a larger vessel, we can help you determine its weight.

Car Trailers

Transporting vehicles? We'll weigh your car trailer to ensure it's within safe towing limits.

Camper Trailers/Van

Before your next camping trip, get your camper trailer weighed for peace of mind.

Horse Floats

Safety first! Ensure your horse float is compliant with weight regulations.

Tradie's Utes

For all the hardworking tradies out there, we'll make sure your ute is loaded safely and within legal weight limits.

Tradie's Trailers

Don't risk overloading. Let us weigh your trailer to ensure it's safe for the road.
With Weight Right Here, you can be confident that your vehicle is weighed accurately, ensuring safety and compliance with all regulations.

Why Choose Weight Right Here?

  • Flexibility: No set hours or days. We offer a service that understands your needs and will work around your schedule.

  • Availability: Need us on short notice? We've got you covered, depending on our bookings.

  • Mobility: Whether you're in town or outside the town limits (travel levy applies), our mobile service drives to you. Alternatively, you can visit our registered address.

  • Accuracy: For best results, weighing should be on a flat, firm surface like concrete or bitumen. We provide accurate reports with individual vehicles weighed up to 4500kg with 1kg precision and ball weight up to 600kg.

  • Payment Solutions: Whether it's EFTPOS, online payment, or cash, you can make your payment at the start of the session.

Pricing & Payment Details

At Weight Right Here, we prioritise transparency and clarity in our pricing structure. We understand the importance of budgeting, especially when planning trips or ensuring your vehicles are compliant with weight regulations.

Payment Methods:

  • We accept EFTPOS, online payments, and cash.

  • Please note that payment is required at the beginning of the session.

Pricing Options:

  • Tow Vehicle and Trailer Weighing: This is for the initial weighing of the tow vehicle and trailer together.

  • Tow Vehicle Weighing: This is for the initial weighing of the tow vehicle only.

  • Trailer Weighing: This is for the initial weighing of the trailer only.

  • Re-Weigh After Initial Weigh: If you've made adjustments after your initial weigh and need a re-weigh on a different day, we offer this service as well.

  • Travel Costs: For clients located outside the town limits, there will be an additional travel levy. Please contact us for specifics. 

  • Custom Pricing: Since the nature and requirements of each weighing can vary, we recommend calling or emailing us with your specific weighing needs for a tailored pricing quote.

What We Require

To ensure a seamless weighing process and provide you with the most accurate results, there are specific details we need from you. If possible, please provide these details in advance to expedite the process:

  • Tow Vehicle Details:
    • Make: The brand or manufacturer of your tow vehicle.
    • Model: The specific model name or number of your vehicle.
    • Year: The year your tow vehicle was manufactured.
    • Version: If your vehicle comes in different versions or trims, please specify which one you have.
  • Manufacturer's Specifications:

    If you can supply us with the tow vehicle manufacturer's specifications for:

    • GCM (Gross Combination Mass)
    • GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass)
    • Front and rear axle limits
    • Max towing capacity
    • Max ball weight

    As well as the caravan/trailer's ID plate specifications for

    • ATM (Aggregate Trailer Mass)
    • GTM (Gross Trailer Mass)
    • Tow ball mass
    • Axle group

    This would be very helpful.

  • Upgrades:

    If you've made any GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) or GCM (Gross Combination Mass) upgrades to your tow vehicle, please inform us. This helps us ensure the weighing is tailored to your vehicle's specific modifications.

  • Tips:
    • Most tow vehicle information will be in the sticker in the door jamb or in your glove box manual book.
    • Have your set-up as close to your set out travelling pack, so we get a worst case scenario at the initial weighing.

By providing these details when you contact us, you help us offer a more efficient service and ensure the accuracy of the weighing. Thank you for your cooperation!

Duration & Additional Time:

  • A standard full weighing session lasts approximately 1 to 1.5 hours. This includes a 30-45 minute "shuffle" time (if required), which is factored into the base weighing price.

  • If you require extra time, we can usually accommodate in 30-minute blocks. Please let us know in advance to ensure availability.

For any further queries or to get a specific quote, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to assist you every step of the way!